LXNDR.BE (spoken: aLeXaNDeR)

About me

Belgian Techno-DJ:

former Resident-DJ at Essential Clubbers Radio UK "Feb. - Oct. 2021"
former Resident-DJ at Techno Connects People (TCP) on Twitch

Member of the Smart Artist Cooperative
If you want to contact me, please use my Facebookpage

Infected 1980 with electronic music by Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream I mainly concentrated on producing music with my first Synth, a Korg MS20 in 1985 and many other Synths and modular Systems over time.

A lifelong journey through a lot of different electronic music genres laid ahead. As “child of the 80s” it ranged from Electro-Punk, EBM, Industrial Noise to early Techno and Generative Ambient Soundscapes. In my 20s I started DJing as a hobby, mostly in my bedroom with the little resources we had in those days, so mainly software.

Playing and mixing music always was a big fun-part in my life, but mostly for private use like Mixtapes for my car. After a long pause in music production I rediscovered my joy in producing more technoid, harsher sounds and mixtapes again in 2011.

In the coming years my focus shifted more and more towards DJing in the Genre of Melodic and Progressive Techno with Electronica and Indie Dance influences. In 2020, thanks to Corona and thanks to a bargain on a Traktor S5 controller, I dared to publish some of my Mixtapes and started to stream on Twitch.